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What is the meaning of M+S of industrial and agricultural tyres and ATV ?

2020·12·10industrial and agricultural tyres and ATV

  Many people have a lot of doubts about the M+S of industrial and agricultural tyres and ATV.In fact, M+S refers to these tyres that can walk on both snow and mud.

  M is for muddy ground, which means that the tire pattern design can drive on the poor soil surface without injuring the tire, which has better grip and handling performance.S is for snow, which means that the tire has a wider range of use in terms of grip and temperature. It is called winter tire or snow tire, which has better skid resistance, abrasion resistance and frost resistance.

  M+S tyres are known as all-season tyres, and industrial and agricultural tyres and ATV with such marks can be used all year round.

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