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Parking for too long, industrial and agricultural tires and ATV tires running gas phenomenon

2020·11·26industrial and agricultural tires and ATV tires

  Industrial and agricultural tires and ATV tires in a long time is not used, under the condition of long-term storage, there will be gas phenomenon, and the longer no use of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV tires, then the speed of gas will be intensified.

  Industrial and agricultural tires and ATV tires don't use for a long time, in accordance with the truth, won't have this problem, but because at the time of parking, the stress of the tire and wheel fixed point is always in the same position, this time over time, it can appear deformation, lead to air leak untight seal.On the contrary, the movement of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV tires due to uniform stress, internal air is also expanding in motion, but is conducive to sealing.

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