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Some specifications and signs of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV

2020·12·24industrial and agricultural tires and ATV

  In industrial and agricultural tires and ATVs, there are usually some specifications and logo marks. These different letters represent different meanings. In general, the Guihe and logos in industrial and agricultural tires and ATVs all represent behind What&apos;s the meaning?

  The tire&apos;s nominal outer diameter (D), cross-sectional width (B), and bead inner diameter (d) are the main specifications of the tire, which are usually marked on the sidewall in English.

  High-pressure tires are represented by D×B; low-pressure tires are represented by B-d. The sidewalls are also coded to indicate the type of carcass cord. In China, M is used for cotton cord; R is used for rayon cord; N is used for nylon cord; G is used for ordinary steel cord structure; Z is used for meridian structure. In addition, the sidewalls also indicate the tire pressure, maximum load, number of plies, brand, and manufacturing date.

  The load capacity of a tire is expressed by "layer level", and the layer level of a cotton cord tire is the actual number of layers of carcass cord.

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