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Pattern type of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV

2020·12·24industrial and agricultural tires and ATV

  Industrial and agricultural tires and ATVs are very special types of tires, and there are many different patterns among industrial and agricultural tires and ATVs. These different patterns also determine the road conditions of industrial and agricultural tires and ATVs. In general, Among the many pattern types of industrial and agricultural tires and ATV, what are the different types?

  1. Ordinary tread tires

  There are many styles of vertical, horizontal and two directions. Ordinary transverse pattern tires are suitable for use on poor and gravel roads; longitudinal pattern tires are suitable for use on better roads; tires with both vertical and horizontal patterns are suitable for use on normal and poor roads.

  2. Off-road tread tires

  The tread has a large pattern, which is suitable for mines, construction sites, deserts, loose ground and snow mud roads.

  3. Mixed tread tires

  It is not only suitable for good roads, but also for gravel roads and loose soil roads.

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