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Do industrial tires,agricultural tires and ATV tires pressures need to be adjusted when in cold weather?

2020·11·12agricultural tires and ATV tires

  As the weather gets colder, many car owners will hear a warning sound about the tire pressure of the car when drive the vehicle. In this case, it already means that the tire pressure is very high or very low. How to prepare when the weather getting cold?

  Whether it is necessary to adjust the tire pressure of industrial tire , agricultural tires and ATV tires in cold weather is actually decided according to the actual situation. If it is a long-distance bus, the adjustment of tire pressure needs to be formulated in detail according to the corresponding situation. For industrial tires,agricultural tires and ATV tires in the district, you can adjust tire pressures less frequently. Different climates will naturally affect the demand for industrial tires,agricultural tires and ATV tires pressures. However, it must be based on actual conditions and scientifically data to develop.

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